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Our mission is to be anchored in Christ using a biblical foundation to promote academic excellence.


Be anchored in Christ

(By being safe, respectful, and responsible)

Vision Statement

Captain Gilmer Christian School strives for students to become their best by reaching both academic and relational goals through discovering servitude locally and abroad, being distinctive in academic achievements, and living out the gospel.

Our Philosophy 

The Seventh-day Adventist Church recognizes God as the ultimate source of existence and truth. In the beginning God created in His image a perfect humanity, a perfection later marred by sin. Through Christ and His Spirit God determined to restore humanity from its lost state. Through the Bible He has revealed His will to the world, a revelation that supersedes human reason. Through his Church on earth, He seeks the lost for His kingdom.

The basic tenets of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, as well as the inspired writings of Ellen White, are directed toward God’s restorative plan for fallen humanity. The Church conducts its own system of education to engender belief in these tenets, within the context of one’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to foster a desire to share that relationship with others.

Made in God’s image, every human being, though fallen, is endowed with attributes akin to those of the Creator. Therefore, Adventist education seeks to nurture thinkers rather than mere reflectors of others’ thoughts, loving service rather than selfish ambition, maximum development of one’s potential, and an appreciation for all that is beautiful, true, and good.

An education of this kind imparts far more than academic knowledge. It is a balanced development of the whole person. Its time dimensions span eternity. In Adventist education, homes, schools and churches cooperate together with divine agencies in preparing learners for citizenship here on this earth and in the New Earth to come.

Our Goals

The following goal statements have been established to support the unique philosophy of Seventh-day Adventist education. Each student is encouraged in:

  • Acceptance of God and His Word - Surrender one’s whole life to God through conversion; use the Bible as a basis for a relationship with Jesus Christ and a guide in all areas.
  • Commitment to the Church - Desire to know, live out, and share the basic tenets of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • Family and Interpersonal Relationships - Develop a sense of self-worth, along with skills in interpersonal relationships needed for meeting the responsibilities of family membership, and respond with sensitivity to the needs of others.
  • Responsible Citizenship - Develop an understanding of multi-cultural diversity and historical heritage and a working knowledge of governmental processes, while affirming a belief in the dignity and worth of others and a responsibility for one’s local, national, and global environment.
  • Healthy Balanced Living - Accept a systematic, logical approach to decision-making and problem-solving based on a body of scientific, mathematical and historical knowledge, within the context of a biblical perspective.
  • Intellectual Development - Adopt a systematic, logical approach to decision-making and problem solving based on a body of scientific, mathematical, and historical knowledge, within the context of a biblical perspective.
  • Communication Skills - Acquire optimum competency in verbal and nonverbal communication, in the use of information technology, and in effective communication of one’s faith.
  • Life Skills - Function responsibly in the everyday world, using Christian principles of stewardship, economy and personal management.
  • Aesthetic Appreciation - Develop an appreciation of the beautiful, both in God’s creation and in human expression, while nurturing individual ability in the fine arts.
  • Career and Service - Develop a strong work ethic and an appreciation of the dignity of service, along with an awareness of career options and opportunities, as they relate to one’s personal involvement in the mission of the church.

Our History

The first elementary school on this campus began in 1910 at the inception of the larger institution (now known as Fletcher Academy, Inc.). Classes met for the first four years in the old Byers Plantation House. In 1914 John Brownsberger built the first school house. In 1920 Mrs. Marguerite Jasperson came to teach at the elementary school. She became principal in 1926, a position she held for 26 years.

The next school building was built in 1930 up on the hill near the present facility. It had one large room, heated by a wood stove. In 1950 Captain W. W. Gilmer, a retired Naval Captain who served in World War I, donated $2,000 for the addition of another classroom and two inside bathrooms. In gratitude for this gift, the school was named in his honor. In 1971 the present facility was built. Today we continue in the rich history that precedes us.


Located on the campus of Fletcher Academy, Captain Gilmer Christian School is surrounded by approximately 500 acres of farm, field, and forest. Our school is two miles from the Fletcher/Mt. Home exit 44 interchange of Interstate 26, seven miles north of Hendersonville, North Carolina, and 18 miles south of Asheville, North Carolina.

Safe and Sound video presentation

Few decisions are as important -- and potentially life-changing as choosing a school for your children.  In this video you will learn some of the history of Adventist Christian education.  Hear from some of our committed Christian teachers and see how Adventist Christian education provides a quality academic experience in a caring Christian environment.

Journey to Excellence video presentation

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