School Life

Captain Gilmer Christian School is a great place to learn more about your world and discover more about your best friend, Jesus. Students at CGCS have a very busy and active school life. Each morning they start their day with a devotional thought from their teacher and then they pray together. While making friends and developing social skills, their days are filled with math concepts, writing skills, Bible lessons, reading, hands-on activities, physical education, recess, simulations, computers, music classes, library time, science experiments, journaling, projects, and much more! Added to the curriculum there are field trips, outreach opportunities, musical performances, and mission projects.


Home & School allows for parents and families to support the students of our school in all different ways.  Go to our calendar to see what programs and events are scheduled.


Fletcher Academy offers gymnastics classes for Kindergarten through 8th Grade one day a week after school. Students learn the basics of gymnastics and how to work together as a team. Special fees may apply.


One day a week after school, CGCS staff and volunteers play organized sports with the students. Teams are mixed - boys/girls and age levels (Fourth - Eighth Grade). Sports offered vary according to season: softball, flagball, basketball, and soccer have all been offered. A small fee may apply.